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ARTICON - Your Trusted Partner in Equipment Distribution
ARTICON - Your Trusted Partner in Equipment Distribution

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Compact 5-axis milling machine for dry milling of PMMA, ZrO2, and WAX blanks.
High-performance 5-axis milling machine for dry and wet milling of PMMA, ZrO2, WAX, Ti, CoCr blanks, and Pre-milled Abutment* *With the presence of a holder.
Accurate and lightweight intraoral scanner for dental clinics.
High-precision desktop laboratory scanner with KAS template included. Allows scanning of articulators and mounting plates.
Compact, high-precision photopolymer 3D printer with an open materials system.
Compact, multifunctional 3D printer with a printing speed of 1-4 seconds per layer.
High-temperature furnace for zirconia sintering, capable of sintering up to 40 units per cycle
High-temperature furnace for zirconia sintering, capable of sintering up to 30 units per cycle.
Compact extraction system for small CAM setups, without a dust collection bag.

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Broad Reach
Marketing Expertise
Dedicated Training
Hassle-Free Logistics

Discover the key advantages that set us apart and make collaboration a rewarding experience:

We have a wide network of clinics and labs trusting our offerings.
Benefit from our robust marketing campaigns promoting your products.
We educate our customers about every product, ensuring optimal usage and satisfaction.
From stocking to delivery, we handle it all seamlessly.


Hear from our satisfied clients!

Dear friends and partners at ARTICON!
With deep gratitude and warm feelings, we reach out to you, wishing to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding assistance and support provided to our clinic and "Services and Assistance" laboratory in Polotsk.
For three years now, we have been engaged in fruitful and dynamic collaboration, during which we have been able to acquire from you the necessary equipment, including a milling machine, vacuum cleaner, and various materials such as zircon, milling bits, zircon plastic, glass cassettes, and much more. All products are of the highest quality and reliability, allowing us to offer the best service to our patients.
Thanks to your training programs in milling, skilled commissioning works, technical maintenance, and consultations on workspace organization, our team has become even more competent and professional. Your knowledge and experience have significantly contributed to our development and success, allowing us to maintain a high standard of service.
We admire your professionalism, responsibility, and exceptional service quality. Your specialists are always ready to help, address any issue, and offer optimal solutions. This gives us confidence in the future and lays the foundation for long-term cooperation.
With all our heartfelt warmth and gratitude, we want to say a huge thank you! We are proud to call you our partners and friends, and we eagerly anticipate new stages of our journey together.
Dental Technician Laboratory "Services and Assistance", Polotsk, Belarus.
We, the team of dental laboratory DIGICOR, are proud to affirm that our long-standing collaboration with the ARTICON company has truly been a blessing for us. Over the years, we could rely on the timely delivery of high-quality equipment, which enabled us to optimize and improve our manufacturing processes.
Dental Laboratory Digicor, Kaliningrad
Dear colleagues and partners,
On behalf of Dental Clinic No. 1 of Veliky Novgorod, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to ARTICON Saint Petersburg for three years of successful and mutually beneficial collaboration.

During this time, we have purchased various equipment from you: two milling machines, two vacuum cleaners, two compressors, as well as essential materials and tools — milling bits, cassettes, spare parts, and filters for Renfert vacuum cleaners, among many others. All products stand out for their exceptional quality and reliability, which significantly contributes to the efficiency of our work.

Thanks to your professional team, we received training in milling, top-class commissioning work, technical maintenance, and consultation on the organization of workspace for the installation of the milling machine. Your team consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism, responsibility, and dedication, which impacts the enhancement of our staff's qualifications and the development of our entire clinic.

Your company has established itself as a reliable and stable partner, and we express our profound gratitude for your contribution to the development of the dental industry in our region. We truly value our cooperation and sincerely hope for the continued fruitful relations between us.
Dental Clinic No. 1 of Veliky Novgorod

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What distribution channels and market presence do you have?

Our main distribution channels include an online store, marketplaces, the VK online platform, and a specialized store with a showroom in Saint Petersburg.

How many years have you been working in this industry?

We have been successfully operating in this industry since 2008.

What experience do you have in selling CAD CAM system equipment?

Over the past 15 years, we have successfully promoted and sold products from brands such as Medit, Imes-Icore, Decema, Ivoclar Vivadent, Nabertherm, Renfert, Asiga, Creality, Youjoy, and Codycon.

How do you plan to market and promote our products?

We use a comprehensive approach to marketing, including online advertising, participation in industry exhibitions, advertising campaigns, and partnership events.

How do you plan to market and promote our products?

We take a comprehensive approach to marketing. We adapt all materials for the dental technician market in Russia. The adapted presentation of new equipment will be promoted using the most effective tools, including online advertising, showroom presentations, advertising campaigns, partnership events, social media, and much more. We select the most effective tools for each individual product.

Do you have the necessary infrastructure and logistics for storing and delivering products?

Yes, we have modern storage facilities and streamlined logistics for fast and efficient product delivery. We deliver products all over Russia.

What is your approach to post-sales and warranty service?

We provide comprehensive post-sales and warranty service with our in-house service department. Included in the equipment sales package is a one-year warranty, commissioning, and training. We provide post-warranty or technical service based on a contractual agreement.