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DATRON AG is a publicly traded, internationally successful high-tech company in Mühltal-Traisa near Darmstadt.

DATRON'S product portfolio covers CNC milling machines for high speed milling (HSC-milling) and 3D engraving, dental milling machines for the efficient processing of all common materials in dental laboratories, dispensing machines for accurate and quick bonding and sealing, tools for high-speed processing and after-sales services such as training, support, accessories and the sale of spare parts.

The modular design of DATRON machines allows them to be configured for individual customer requirements. DATRON equipment is more energy efficient due to its innovative lightweight design, and is therefore more cost-efficient than comparable machines with a same level of performance.

DATRON AG is the market leader in Germany for machines engineered for front panel and case machining, and also a technology leader in the production of highly precise, accurate-volume dispensing machines.

DATRON AG employs about 235 people in Germany and maintains a worldwide distribution network in over 20 countries.


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International company for the production of dental materials for the CAD CAM .

With an international network of partners, users and research institutes Dental Direkt is working on the search for new, even more advanced solutions on the basis of clearly defined ideas: co-creation of the digital future of dentistry!

Sharing paints and zirconium dioxide production Dental Direkt , provides vysokoestetichesky, prognoziruemmye and repeatable results in the production of restorations.
New high-strength materials supertranslyutsentnye DDcubeX2®HS (DDcubeX2®One) allows high aesthetics work without compromising strength.
5 main and 4 intermediate layers in multi-layer disks DDcubeX2® ML makes the process of creating a full anatomy of the restorations in the most simple and effective.

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Imes-Icore каталог 2017



Imes-icore dental milling machines are produced in our factory in Eiterfeld (Hesse), where our highly qualified staff works at the highest precision level. The imes-icore dental milling machines are constantly reviewed from planning to construction by our in-house quality management. Each of our machines is manufactured to order. Thus, each dental cad/cam machine already has its future owner. This feature reminds us again and again about our promise.


The CORiTEC dental CNC systems from imes-icore meet all the requirements for the equipment for modern dental laboratories. 4- to 5-axis CAD / CAM systems are available. For every size of dental practice laboratory, up to dental production centers, with the dental milling machine portfolio of imes-icore every current application in the dental sector is possible. 

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NT-trading focuses on the development and the production of premium products in the field of dental implant technology. More and more customers all over the world benefit from our high standards in quality, precision and innovation. With our products we improve prosthetic production processes and optimize the prosthetic treatment possibilities.

NT-trading is a progressive company that has already caused a sensation at an early age. Our patented innovations make us being always one step ahead of our competitors.

Innovation and quality at the highest level combined with a fair value-for-money ratio make nt-trading the ideal partner in the field of implant technology.

We research, we develop, produce and offer something really new – and all of it is „Made in Germany“

nt-trading is a globally operating company, our products and our production processes meet the high safety requirements of the health authorities in Europe, Canada and the USA.

We impress through our innovational strength and the excellent quality of our products, as evidenced by our constantly growing circle of customers. Convince yourself!

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Yamahachi Dental, established in 1963, has been in the field of dentistry for over 40 years. We have been successful in supplying trustworthy and high quality dental material to all our customers throughout Japan and abroad.

We manufacture artificial resin teeth, acrylics, dental waxes and gutta percha points, among other dental products. Our main products are artificial resin teeth (both composite resin and acrylic). We have a 30% share of the artificial teeth sales market in Japan and are proud to say we enjoy an excellent reputation among our customers.

In addition to that, we import high quality dental products from other countries to Japan whilst also distributing our own products to about 60 countries worldwide. Yamahachi’s products are chosen in these countries because of their dependable quality, certified by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 (certification awarded in 2005). We have also been awarded the CE mark and are confident that you and all our future customers will be more than satisfied by the quality and reliability of our products.

Yamahachi will continuously strive to supply our customers with innovative and improved products while simultaneously contributing to the field of dentistry and providing our customers with products of outstanding quality.

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anaxdent North America is...

...a company that believes dentistry is an amazing field. You should love what you do. We're here to help make sure that is the case. We offer only the highest-quality materials with the best optics and handling, and courses led by top educators from around the world. 
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Taking manufacturing technology to the next level is our mission – and that means making it cost-efficient, accurate, future-proof and connected. We are a market and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing. Our innovations play a role in virtually every sector of industry, from software that paves the way for smart factories to solutions for high-tech processes in industrial electronics. Some 12,000 people work at TRUMPF worldwide, helping to promote its positive attitude and achievements as a family-run company.


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Affordable digital manufacturing, it's something Asiga invented.

Digital Dentistry From restorative dentistry to orthodentic devices. Produce surgical drill guides, removable die models, ortho models, custom impression trays, splints, partial frameworks, crown & bridge, inlays / onlays, gingiva and a range of dental appliances all on Asiga 3D printers.

"After extensive internal testing of a variety of 3D printing systems, the Asiga MAX UV is clearly one of the best desktop 3D printers in terms of print quality and consistency for the tested dental indications." Alex Pilet, Head of Advanced Technologies  

All Asiga 3D printers are open to materials from any supplier for maximum flexibility and productivity.

Print water-clear biocompatible materials with Asiga's 385 nm (UV) printers.

"Asiga’s high quality and reliability make it a great option for the lab."  Christopher Kirkland, R&D Technical Analyst

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3D Systems

Born from a spark of inspiration in 1983, 3D Systems has run on innovation for over 30 years. Co-founded by the inventor of 3D printing, Charles (“Chuck”) Hull, 3D Systems has grown into a global 3D solutions company focused on connecting our customers with the expertise and digital manufacturing workflow required to solve their business, design or engineering problems.

From digitization, design and simulation through manufacturing, inspection and management, our comprehensive portfolio of technologies provides a seamless, customizable workflow designed to optimize products and processes while accelerating outcomes. With advanced hardware, software and materials as well as on demand manufacturing services and a global team of experts, we are on a mission to transform businesses through manufacturing innovation.



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Материалы для Cad cam: большой ассортимент в компании «Articon»

Создание мостов, коронок и зубных протезов при помощи технологий CAD и CAM имеет многочисленные преимущества в сравнении с устаревшими технологиями. Такая система позволяет врачу перевоплотиться в инженера-конструктора и проектировать контуры нового зуба. СAD CAM делает индивидуальный подход к каждому пациенту реальным.

Расходные материалы для CAD CAM систем вы можете купить в компании «Articon» в Москве, а так же других регионах РФ. Мы создали собственное производство, поэтому обеспечиваем большой выбор и гарантируем отличное качество продукции.

Что такое CAD CAM системы в стоматологии?

CAD расшифровывается как Computer aided Design. Эта технология на Западе в середине 70-х годов благодаря увеличившемуся использованию вычислительной техники на производствах. Специалисты поняли, что система обладает главным преимуществом: на компьютере деталь проектируется быстрее и надёжнее. Это куда проще, чем несколько раз «подгонять» её размер в металле.

Система проектирования принесла бы мало пользы, если бы не связь с оборудованием CAM (Computer aided Manufacturing). Разработка позволяла создавать проекты и контролировать работу станков практически без участия человека.

Расходные материалы для системы CAD CAM

Успешный ход изготовления мостов, коронок и зубных протезов зависит от использования качественных расходных материалов. Мы предлагаем большой каталог продукции, в который входят следующие товарные позиции.

  • Стекловидная керамика. Это уникальный материал для систем, применяющийся для производства коронок, вкладок и виниров уже более 30 лет. Использование такого вида керамики обеспечивается достижение высоких клинических успехов. Однако если необходимо обработать чрезмерно тонкую границу зуба, то не стоит использовать стекловидную керамику.
  • Нанокерамика. Этот материал преставляет собой хорошее сочетание композитов и керамических аналогов. Их нельзя окрасить в печи, однако для придания нужного оттенка есть целые наборы для реставрации. Накладки и вкладки из этого материала производятся быстро, точно и легко полируются.
  • Цирконий. Поначалу он использовался только как материал для изготовления субструктуры. Однако за последние 10 лет производителям удалось добиться увеличения его прочности: теперь мосты, созданные из циркония, эстетичны и крепки. Материал можно сочетать даже с обычными цементами. Он прост в обработке, благодаря чему экономится время, а процедура изготовления протезов становится более эффективной.
  • РММА для временных протезов. Назначается для временного использования при сложных реставрациях и долгом периоде заживления.
  • Воск и РММА. Отлично подходят для технологии прецизионного литья и создания металлических и цельнокерамических каркасов. Материалы значительно сокращают время обработки.

Узнать больше о выборе материалов для системы СAD и CAM вы сможете, заглянув в наш каталог.

Где купить материалы для системы CAD CAM в Москве?

Производимые нами материалы для CAD и CAM систем – это результат слияния отечественных традиций и европейского опыта. В первую очередь мы ориентируемся на то, чтобы цифровая стоматология была удобной как для пациента, так и для врача и зубного техника. Мы делаем акцент на качество и большой выбор продукции.

Обратитесь за консультацией по указанным на сайте контактам. Компетентные консультанты предоставят исчерпывающую консультацию о представленных товарных позициях.