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Imes-Icore каталог 2017



Imes-icore dental milling machines are produced in our factory in Eiterfeld (Hesse), where our highly qualified staff works at the highest precision level. The imes-icore dental milling machines are constantly reviewed from planning to construction by our in-house quality management. Each of our machines is manufactured to order. Thus, each dental cad/cam machine already has its future owner. This feature reminds us again and again about our promise.


The CORiTEC dental CNC systems from imes-icore meet all the requirements for the equipment for modern dental laboratories. 4- to 5-axis CAD / CAM systems are available. For every size of dental practice laboratory, up to dental production centers, with the dental milling machine portfolio of imes-icore every current application in the dental sector is possible. 

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High quality and an excellent price/performance ratio characterize the Nabertherm product range of furnaces and accessories for dental applications. Starting with burn-out furnaces for embedding and casting over a wide range of sintering furnaces for zirconia, translucent zirconia and alloys of CoCr as well as furnaces for annealing after laser sintering – the wide product range from Nabertherm certainly offers the perfect solution for your heat treatment process.


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Tapping your potential

Medit has dedicated itself to Dental and Industrial CAD/CAM customers for over 17 Years.

Medit has achieved double-digit annual growth over several years with the sole aim of maximizing client convenience via unprecedented technological advances juxtaposed with innovative and insightful product development. Mission of Medit is to provide our clients and employees with the opportunity of success and growth by creating our own patented state-of-the-art technology.
As we move into the future, our hope is to develop exciting new industry-leading products that simplify and ease our customers’ workflows with the goal of mutual, ongoing success. We will continuously ‘create and innovate’ until we become the world’s No.1 provider of 3D measurement and dental CAD/CAM solutions.

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DEKEMA. The Company.

Following the development and design of the first ceramic furnaces in the 1930s, at that time still under the direction of dental ceramics manufacturers, DEKEMA Service GmbH based in Freilassing was founded in 1973.
The rugged design and the reliable functioning were at that time exemplary and have since then been an obligation and tradition for us.
The experience in development and the continuous search for the optimisation of the products enabled the AUSTROMAT ceramic furnaces to find their way into laboratories all around the world.


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Taking manufacturing technology to the next level is our mission – and that means making it cost-efficient, accurate, future-proof and connected. We are a market and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing. Our innovations play a role in virtually every sector of industry, from software that paves the way for smart factories to solutions for high-tech processes in industrial electronics. Some 12,000 people work at TRUMPF worldwide, helping to promote its positive attitude and achievements as a family-run company.


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Affordable digital manufacturing, it's something Asiga invented.

Digital Dentistry From restorative dentistry to orthodentic devices. Produce surgical drill guides, removable die models, ortho models, custom impression trays, splints, partial frameworks, crown & bridge, inlays / onlays, gingiva and a range of dental appliances all on Asiga 3D printers.

"After extensive internal testing of a variety of 3D printing systems, the Asiga MAX UV is clearly one of the best desktop 3D printers in terms of print quality and consistency for the tested dental indications." Alex Pilet, Head of Advanced Technologies  

All Asiga 3D printers are open to materials from any supplier for maximum flexibility and productivity.

Print water-clear biocompatible materials with Asiga's 385 nm (UV) printers.

"Asiga’s high quality and reliability make it a great option for the lab."  Christopher Kirkland, R&D Technical Analyst

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Качественное зуботехническое оборудование от Articon

Оборудование для зуботехнической лаборатории должно быть не только надёжным, но и создавать комфортные условия для работы. Выбрать подходящий вариант оборудования для стоматологических клиник и купить его вы сможете в интернет-магазине Articon по выгодной цене.

Все виды стоматологических приборов в ассортименте Articon

  • Фрезерные станки. Используются в подготовке слепков зубного ряда к распиловке, удалению излишков материала и дальнейшему моделированию.
  • Интраоральные сканеры. Устройства, при помощи которых можно делать цифровые слепки и фиксировать полученную информацию в компьютере.
  • Печи. Используются в стоматологии для обжига заготовок, обладают точным контролем температуры.
  • 3D-принтеры. С их помощью создаются всевозможные зубные модели, мосты, коронки.
  • Вытяжные устройства. Оборудование для зуботехнической лаборатории, делающее работу с гипсовыми изделиями простой и удобной. Они удаляют пыль и запах пластика, предотвращают возникновение опасных для здоровья ситуаций.

Производители, которым мы доверяем

  • Imes-Icore
  • Nabertherm
  • Renfert
  • Medit
  • Dekema
  • Trumpf
  • Asiga

Обратитесь за консультацией к сотрудникам Articon и выясните все обстоятельства заказа. Мы готовы обеспечить доставку высококачественного зуботехнического оборудования и предоставить гарантию.